Fall Prevention

Helping You On The Road To Recovery - With Care At Home 

Do you have moment when you feel dizzy and off balance? Do you have a fear of falling
that keeps you from enjoying life? Have you recently experienced a fall and have kept it
to yourself because you didn’t want your loved ones to worry. Falls are unplanned and
can occur because of obstacles in the home, side effects from medication or overall
balance issues.

If you are worries about falling, you’re not alone. Falls can be dangerous and result in
serious injury and create health complications. Our team can help address all of these
concerns to help you improve your balance and independence.

We begin by identifying your individual needs and building a plan that meets each,
specific need. Through this, we create a customized, clinical program that works
because it’s built around you.

We provide many services, including:
 Evidence-based therapy interventions to help improve strength and mobility
 Assessment of your living environment to help you reduce risk of falls
 Education to help you improve your mobility
 Medication review and reconciliation to help reduce side-effects that impact your

Elements of a plan may include:
 Thoroughly, inner ear, static/dynamic balance, sensation and coordination
 Assessing blood pressure and reviewing medications
 Working with you to reduce dizziness and improve balance Assessing your living
environment to eliminate fall-related hazards