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Purpose Driven Home Health Makes The Difference!

We provide professional and paraprofessional services to clients in their homes assisting them to achieve the highest level of potential in their day-to-day self care activities. We are committed to providing high quality, multi-disciplinary care by professionals who recognize the need for comprehensive assessment of needs from both the client and professional’s point of view.

We strive to be one of the leading providers of a wide range of quality home health care services, recognized for enduring dedication to provide innovative, professional, and compassionate care to the communities we serve.​

Why is our in-home care better?

We provide compassionate and quality care. We have high star ratings by Medi-Care. We are locally owned in Bakersfield, California and we also cover out-of-areas. We are fast and have a reliable intake. Patients are admitted within 24-48 hours upon referral. Our staff is Wound Care Certified. Our staff also updates the referral sources with patient’s status before and after admission.

We strive to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations or trips to the ER. We encourage patients to follow-up with their PCP for continuous care.

24 hour hotline service to cater calls from patients, families and referral sources including weekends and holidays. PDHH Medical advisor is available for consult.

Providing Home Health and Home Care in Bakersfield, Wasco, Shafter, Delano, Lamont, Arvin, Taft, Tehachapi, Frazier Park, McFarland, and surrounding areas.

About Purpose Driven Home Health in Bakersfield, CA

Patient/Family Centered Care with the latest updated educational tools.

Spanish services offered!

Mission Statement

We pride ourselves on providing your family with an experienced, caring, responsible caregiver. Our Caregivers are dedicated to providing the best care deserved.

We Accept Most Insurances


  • Patient must be homebound
  • Care must be medically necessary
  • Care must be part time or intermittent
  • Patient requires at least one skilled professional service
  • Must have signed physicians order for requested services
  • Services must be delivered in the patient’s primary place of residence.

Medicare Homebound Status Criteria:

  • If leaving the home would require “considerable and taxing effort” AND one of the following criteria
  • If the patients can leave the home only for infrequent short absences
  • As person may be temporarily homebound while recovering from surgery, serious illness or trauma

Medicare covers your Home Health Services for as long as you are eligible and your doctor says you need the services.

We Accept the Following

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