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Purpose Driven Home Care serves to give clients the personal care they need in order for them to continue to live dignified and independent lives in the comfort of their homes. We begin by assessing and understanding our client’s individual needs and meet those needs through selectively assigning qualified, trustworthy, and compassionate Home Care Aides.

Purpose Driven Home Care holds great pride in keeping our client’s health, quality of life, and well-being central in the design and delivery of our services. Having our Home Care Aides in your home can prevent re-hospitalization, postpone institutionalization, and reduce the need for urgent care.

Skilled Nursing Care at Home in Bakersfield, CA by Purpose Driven Home Health

Skilled nursing care at home provides a unique level of medical care to those who cannot access traditional health services. This type of care is tailored to the individual’s needs and includes a wide range of services.

Post-Discharge Home Care in Bakersfield, CA by Purpose Driven Home Health

Care transitions from hospital to home, is important for successful post-hospitalization care. It takes a team of healthcare professionals to ensure the transition into their new environment goes smoothly.

Home Care for Chronic Disease in Bakersfield, CA by Purpose Driven Home Health

Living with a chronic illness can make day-to-day life more challenging, but with the right resources, and in-home care support, patients can still lead fulfilling lives while managing their condition.

Home health care is a service that provides medical assistance and support to patients in the comfort of their own homes. It’s a growing industry that offers a unique way of providing care, allowing individuals to maintain their independence while getting the support they need. Home health care professionals are dedicated to delivering quality healthcare services with compassion and respect for all involved.

Home health care has many advantages over traditional medical visits. Not only does it provide convenience for those who can’t leave their homes due to physical or mental health issues, but it also allows for full control over the patient’s environment and level of care. With home health care, both the patient and their families have more control over scheduling appointments and treatments, as well as having access to personalized attention from their caregivers.

What Is Home Health Care?

Home health care is a vital part of today’s healthcare system, providing skilled nursing care at home, physical therapy and occupational therapy for those who require it. It’s an invaluable service that provides people with the care they need to remain independent in their own homes.

Home health care enables people to receive professional medical attention in the comfort and security of their own home environment.

What Is In-Home Skilled Nursing?

In-home skilled nursing is a valuable part of home health care that can greatly benefit those who need it. It’s important to understand what this type of care entails, so you know when and how it can be used.

In-home skilled nursing provides a comprehensive range of medical services in the home setting. These services may include dressing changes, wound care, IV therapy, medication management and more. Skilled nurses are specially trained to provide this type of care, with the goal being to help individuals maintain their highest level of functioning while remaining at home.

The right in-home nursing provider can make a world of difference for someone needing medical attention at home. It’s important to find one who is experienced and qualified, as well as compassionate and dependable. With the right fit, you can feel confident knowing your loved one is receiving the best possible care in the comfort of their own home.

Providing Home Health Care in Bakersfield, Wasco, Shafter, Delano, Lamont, Arvin, Taft, Tehachapi, Frazier Park, McFarland, and surrounding areas.

Top Home Health Care in Bakersfield, CA by Purpose Driven Home Health

What Is In-Home Physical Therapy ?

In-home physical therapy can offer a range of benefits to those who need it. For those living with chronic conditions or recovering from surgery, in-home physical therapy can be an invaluable asset. It’s a great way to get personalized, tailored support and treatments right in the comfort of your own home – something that can be especially beneficial for those who are unable to leave their home or have difficulty attending physical therapy sessions outside the home.

This type of care is provided by licensed physical therapists and focuses on helping patients improve their strength, flexibility, and coordination so that they can move more easily and safely. In-home physical therapists work closely with patients to develop individualized treatment plans that address the specific needs of each patient. This may involve stretching exercises, strengthening activities, balance training, posture correction techniques and more.

In addition to helping improve mobility and reduce pain, in-home physical therapy can also help reduce the risk of falls. Physical therapists have expertise in fall prevention strategies such as gait training and balance training as well as teach ways to modify one’s environment at home to make it safer. By receiving customized support from an experienced therapist right at home, individuals are able to learn how best to protect themselves and prevent falls while maintaining their independence.

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Top Home Health Care in Bakersfield, CA by Purpose Driven Home Health

What Does A Medical Social Worker Do?

Medical social workers are integral in providing compassionate, comprehensive care for those receiving in-home health services. They serve as a bridge between patients and their families and the medical system, offering emotional support and helping to ensure that needs are met. But what does a medical social worker do?

In terms of what a medical social worker can provide in a home health setting, there are many benefits:

  • They can help assess the needs of patients and their families in order to create a plan of care that meets their individual needs.
  • They can assist with referrals to community resources or other professionals who can offer additional support.
  • They can provide psychosocial support to individuals and families dealing with chronic illnesses or disabilities.
  • They can help coordinate discharge planning from hospitals or long-term care facilities.
  • They can provide counseling and advocacy for patients throughout their recovery journey.


When it comes to getting the most out of home health services, having a qualified medical social worker on your side is invaluable. In addition to providing critical psychosocial support during difficult times, they also act as an advocate for you in order to ensure that all your needs are being met.

Does Medicare Pay For Home Health Care Services?

When it comes to home health care, people often ask whether or not Medicare covers the costs. With so many seniors needing assistance at home, it’s important to know what expenses are covered. Fortunately, Medicare does provide coverage for certain home health services.

The services that are eligible for reimbursement include nursing care, physical therapy, speech-language pathology services, occupational therapy and medical social work. These services must be provided by a Medicare-certified home health agency and they must be medically necessary.

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What Is In-Home Occupational Therapy?

In-home occupational therapy is an important service for those who need assistance with daily activities. It can help individuals with disabilities, physical limitations, or medical conditions to do the things they need to do in order to live independently. This type of therapy focuses on helping people adjust and adapt to their environment, so they can become more independent and have a better quality of life.

Occupational therapists work with patients to tailor a plan that meets their specific needs. They will assess the patient’s home environment and work together with them to make changes as needed. This could include anything from providing adaptive equipment, teaching new skills, and making modifications to the home. Occupational therapists also teach patients how best to use their own abilities and strategies for dealing with their disability or illness.

Home healthcare providers offer this type of therapy as part of their services; it’s an effective way for people to get the help they need without having to leave home. With personalized care plans and professional guidance, in-home occupational therapy can provide invaluable support for those living with disabilities or illnesses that make it difficult to complete daily tasks.

What Is In-Home Speech Therapy?

In-home speech therapy is a valuable service that brings much-needed help to people in their own environment. It offers a high degree of comfort and convenience, allowing individuals to receive treatment without leaving their home. Speech therapists are highly trained professionals who provide personalized care and guidance to help clients improve their communication skills.

Speech therapy sessions typically focus on improving pronunciation, articulation, word recall, grammar, and comprehension. Depending on the individual’s needs, sessions may also include activities such as reading aloud, vocal exercises, and practicing conversation skills. The therapist will work with the client to develop an individualized plan tailored to their needs and goals.

In-home speech therapy can be especially beneficial for those who have difficulty getting around or lack the necessary transportation to access traditional speech therapy services. It provides an opportunity for those who might otherwise miss out on important therapies due to location or physical constraints. With in-home speech therapy, you can get the support you need right at your doorstep!

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