Respite Care at Home

Purpose Driven Home Care serves to give clients the personal care they need in order for them to continue to live dignified and independent lives in the comfort of their homes. We begin by assessing and understanding our client’s individual needs and meet those needs through selectively assigning qualified, trustworthy, and compassionate Home Care Aides.

Purpose Driven Home Care holds great pride in keeping our client’s health, quality of life, and well-being central in the design and delivery of our services. Having our Home Care Aides in your home can prevent re-hospitalization, postpone institutionalization, and reduce the need for urgent care.

Caring for a loved one with a chronic illness or disability can be difficult and exhausting. Having respite care at home can provide much-needed relief for family caregivers, allowing them to rest and recharge while providing their loved ones with necessary care. But what is respite care? How can it benefit both the person receiving care and the caregiver?

For those who are dedicated to providing compassionate, quality care for their loved ones, having access to reliable respite services can make all the difference in providing them with the rest and peace of mind they need.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is a form of home care that provides short-term relief for family caregivers. It allows them to take a break from their responsibilities, while ensuring that the person they are caring for is still receiving a high level of quality care. Respite care can be provided in various settings, including at home, in a residential facility, or in an assisted living facility.

The primary goal of respite care is to provide temporary relief to family caregivers so they can take time off and recharge. This type of home care can help to reduce caregiver stress and burnout by providing a safe environment for the person being cared for, as well as emotional support for the family caregiver.

What Is An Example Of Respite Care?

At its core, respite care provides restorative time away from the responsibility of caring for a family member. 

This can be done in several different ways including hiring someone to provide home care services or having a loved one stay with the person needing care while they are away. 

With non-medical home care through Purpose Driven Home Care, respite care providers are trained and highly qualified to give the same level of attention as a family caregiver and can even offer additional services such as medication reminders or help with personal hygiene.

No matter what form it takes, respite care gives family caregivers an opportunity to recharge and come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on their duties again. Taking this kind of break can help reduce stress levels, improve overall health, and enhance relationships between caregivers and those they love. By taking advantage of respite care options, family members can ensure that their loved ones receive quality healthcare while still protecting their own well-being.

Providing Respite Care at Home in Bakersfield, Wasco, Shafter, Delano, Lamont, Arvin, Taft, Tehachapi, Frazier Park, McFarland, and surrounding areas.

Respite Care at Home in Bakersfield, CA by Purpose Driven Home Health

What Does It Mean If Someone Is In Respite Care?

When we hear the phrase ‘respite care’, it can be a bit confusing. But what does it actually mean if someone is in respite care? In home respite care is a great way for family caregivers to get some much needed relief from their everyday responsibilities and stress.

It’s important to remember that respite care doesn’t have to take place in a facility or hospital. It can also be provided in the comfort of the individual’s own home. 

Respite care gives family members time away from their normal routine, allowing them to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. 

This can give them an opportunity to spend time with friends and family or simply focus on self-care without feeling guilty about taking time off from the everyday demands of caring for someone else.

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Respite Care at Home in Bakersfield, CA by Purpose Driven Home Health

How to Choose an In-Home Respite Care Provider

With the right resources and guidance, you can quickly and easily find the help you need for your family. Here’s what you should know about finding a qualified respite care provider.

  • First, focus on looking for a provider who is licensed or certified in the state where you are receiving services. This ensures that they have met all of the necessary qualifications to provide quality care. 
  • Additionally, consider researching referrals from friends, neighbors, and other caregivers who have already used respite care services in your area. It’s important to ask questions about the provider’s experience and training when interviewing them so that you can make sure they are a good fit for your family’s needs.
  • Finally, research any organizations or programs in your area that offer respite services for family caregivers. 


Taking these steps will help ensure that you find a respite care provider like Purpose Driven Home Care who meets your needs and those of your family members.

We strive to be one of the leading providers of a wide range of quality medical home health and non-medical home care services.

We offer professional, and compassionate care to the communities we serve.​ Reach out to us today to get started.

How Does Non-Medical Home Care Assist With Respite Care?

Non-medical home care can be a lifeline for family caregivers in need of respite care. When a family caregiver needs a break, and there is no other option available, non-medical home care can provide them with the time and support they need to rest and recharge. 

Home care helps to ensure that the person being cared for is safe and comfortable while the family caregiver takes a break. A professional non-medical caregiver provides assistance with basic activities such as:

  • Meal preparation, 
  • Light housekeeping, 
  • Medication reminders, 
  • Transportation,
  • Companionship,
  • Personal Care,
    • Bathing
    • Dressing
    • Grooming
    • Transferring
    • Toileting/Incontinence Care


By offering the necessary assistance in the comfort of the person’s own home, non-medical home care gives family caregivers the opportunity to take a much needed break from their responsibilities while knowing that their loved one is safe and in good hands. It is an invaluable resource that can make all the difference when it comes to providing quality respite care at home.

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